Monday, July 31, 2017

A Few of the Girls

Title: A Few of the Girls
Author: Maeve Binchy

     This is a collection of short stories developed around many different themes. The stories are a bit quirky, but overall I enjoyed the book.

Reviewed by Anonymous

Good Grief

Title: Good Grief: Heal Your Soul, Honor Your Loved Ones, and Learn to Live Again
Author: Theresa Caputo

     For those people struggling with grief, this book can be a positive influence. While the content is much the same as her show and lectures . . . it does offer solace to those in mourning.

Reviewed by E. Feynman

Secrets of the Tulip Sisters

Title: Secrets of the Tulip Sisters
Author: Susan Mallery

     This book is about two sisters who are reunited after many years. We see what happens when the younger one returns to their hometown, where the older one still lives with their dad.

Reviewed by Donna S.

Simple Household Wisdom

Title: Good Housekeeping Simple Household Wisdom: 425 Easy Ways to Clean & Organize Your Home
Editor: Sara Lyle Bow

     A very helpful book that gives a lot of useful and easy to follow ideas to better clean and organize your home. It also provides color photos to clarify how to put the ideas into action.

Reviewed by Rachel.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Come Sundown

Title: Come Sundown
Author: Nora Roberts

     It's set on a Montana ranch. Main character is Bodine. Her aunt ran off before Bodine was born. She's never come back as she was abducted and tortured and held for years as a prisoner. She finally runs away and is found in the snow. With a birthmark they realize who she is. More women get abducted, some killed, some have babies that are sold. Has a surprise ending as who took her aunt also has ties to her family.
     Excellent book.

Reviewed by Susan Roth

The Maddie Diaries

Title: The Maddie Diaries: A Memoir
Author: Maddie Ziegler

     I thought she would write a biography of her life. Very disappointing. She writes about beauty tips and friendships, and answers questions from readers. Abby Miller is not mentioned nor in the picture content. My opinion, if it weren't for Abby she wouldn't be where she is now. She writes the book like life revolves around her. Her mom at her "beck and call", forgetting she has a stepfather and sister.
     Very disappointed.

Reviewed by Susan Roth

Missing Your Smile

Title: Missing Your Smile
Author: Jerry Eicher

     An Amish girl joins the "English" life as her fiancĂ©e cheated on her. She meets interesting and friendly people along the way. She is introduced to "English" ways. She meets a pregnant unwed "English" woman who asks for help in having her baby adopted by an Amish family. She returns to her Amish home with her friend and baby with her. But what happens?
     Loved this book.

Reviewed by Susan Roth

The Secrets of My Life

Title: The Secrets of My Life
Author: Caitlyn Jenner

     She describes how she felt being a woman inside her all her life and had to let her out to live. In the book you see the pain and compromises and unhappiness when she couldn't "come out". She says "there is no right or wrong way to be except who you are". She shows the obstacles to equal rights and lucky to have a public forum to change the way it is. She's still evolving. She says "gender is a journey whoever you are. Thoughts change, circumstances change, your view of what is important changes and your world changes".
      Well said. I enjoyed it.

Reviewed by Susan Roth

The Final Frontiersman

Title: The Final Frontiersman: Heimo Korth and His Family, Alone in Alaska's Arctic Wilderness
Author: James Campbell

     Loved the book. About Heimo and his family that live in the Alaskan mountains. He is featured on TV's "Last Alaskans". He describes how Heimo lives on one of 7 existing cabins on the designated wildlife preserves, hunting, fishing and trapping and miles from civilization. He raises his family there. He loses his 2-year-old daughter when his canoe overturns during "spring break". He describes the beauty and the hardships of living in the bush.
     Loved the book.

Reviewed by Susan Roth

The Beloved Hope Chest

Title: The Beloved Hope Chest
Author: Amy Clipston

     Love this Amish book. Mattie's daughters know she has a secret. It has to do with an envelope and a blue "onesie" in her hope chest. She reveals the story with love and heartache to her daughters.

Reviewed by Susan Roth

Born Both: An Intersex Life

Title: Born Both: An Intersex Life
Author: Hida Viloria

     Touching memoir on what it's like to live as an intersex person. Written as a personal history -- it also stands as an activist's cry for more understanding and respect.

Reviewed by E. Feynman

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Book of Aron

Title: The Book of Aron
Author: Jim Shepard

     About Aron -- how he grew up after he moved from a Polish village to busy Warsaw. He lost his family; he was confined to Jewish quarters. He was a smuggler. He always thought about himself until he met Janusz Korczak, a famous doctor and children's advocate who also ran an orphanage. Aron discovered and learned about humanity through Dr. Janusz Korczak.

Reviewed by Anonymous

Springtime at the Grand Hotel

Title: Springtime at the Grand Hotel
Author: Amie Denman and May Williams

     The large Philips family runs the Grand Hotel on White Pine Island. Kelsey, the temporary doctor on the island, falls in love with one of the Philips' sons. Many other love connections develop on the island.
     Sounded like a fun place to visit!

Reviewed by Pat S.

The Clancys of Queens

Title: The Clancys of Queens
Author: Tara Clancy

     Author recalls growing up in Queens, particularly in Broad Channel and Rosedale. She recalls many places that are still there today and even includes a map showing many of the places and neighborhoods mentioned in the book including my high school -- The Mary Louis Academy!
    She was a wild and street-smart child!

Reviewed by Pat S.

If Not for You

Title: If Not for You
Author: Debbie Macomber

     Beth and Sam are not impressed with each other when set up on a blind date but after Sam witnesses her car accident they become good friends

Reviewed by Pat S.

A Hiss Before Dying

Title: A Hiss Before Dying
Author: Rita Mae Brown and Sneaky Pie Brown

     It was okay but I couldn't get used to the animals giving the narrative.

Reviewed by Rosemarie Parthe

The Elm Creek Quilts Collection

Title: The Elm Creek Quilts Collection
Author: Jennifer Chiaverini

     This book contains three complete novels.Taking place at the the time of the Civil War and later, these stories tell about a quilter who starts a Quilting Society in an old mansion in Pennsylvania. Quilting is explained along with the story of the establishment of the Society. Each novel includes its own characters. This book has inspired my interest in quilting and I plan to make a quilt.
     Very good book!


Title: Logan (movie)

     It was a good movie.

Reviewed by LCP

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Passengers

Title: The Passengers (Movie)

     I liked this movie. I thought that it was an interesting story line. It was about people who were put into hibernation for 130 years on a spaceship taking them to another planet. This planet was supposed to be the start of a new life and civilization. When there is a glitch in the spaceship's system, a man wakes up out of his hibernation 90 years early. He is the only person who is awake on the ship, so he has to keep himself occupied. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes abstract, futuristic movies.

Reviewed by Cassie F.

New Wave Warriors: Mission Critical

Title: New Wave Warriors: Mission Critical (TV program)

     It's about innovators, photographers, adventurers, and scientists risking it all to protect the ocean. They show scuba divers going under icebergs collecting samples. Comparing pictures of landscapes from 100 years ago to today in the Arctic. Also looking at the great Barrier Reef and seeing how      much has died. Very informative. It was on National Geographic channel.

Reviewed by Maureen Walker

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Blue Diary

Title: Blue Diary
Author: Alice Hoffman

     A man's past catches up with him and like dominoes the worlds of those who surround him fall. I enjoyed this plot/character driven story. It left me wondering what one of the main characters would do right up until the end of the book. The book is well written; Hoffman's use of language is seamless.

Reviewed by Anonymous

Madea's Witness Protection Program

Title: Madea's Witness Protection Program (movie)

     This movie is so funny that I often rent it when I'm looking for a good laugh. Tyler Perry is such a talented actor and director who creates movies with humor and life lessons.

Reviewed by Rachel

The Girl You Left Behind

Title: The Girl You Left Behind
Author: Jo Jo Moyes

     Although this book was fictional, it was based on historical facts. It tells the story of Sophie who lived through the German occupation of France during World War I and Olivia who in 2006 is told she has to return a painting that means the world to her, because it was acquired illegally by the Germans. It is the story of the deep love these women had for their husbands and just how far they will go to preserve that love. I thought it was a great story.

Reviewed by Anonymous

Abandoned NYC

Title: Abandoned NYC
Author: Will Ellis

     Over 200 images of urban decay and abandoned places in New York City. Quite interesting for people looking for other places of interest to see.

Reviewed by E. Feynman

Clear the Clutter, Find Happiness

Title: Clear the Clutter, Find Happiness: One Minute Tips for Decluttering and Refreshing Your Home and Your Life.
Author: Donna Smallin

     A very small pocket-sized handbook with little techniques to declutter your life.

Reviewed by LCP

Why Him?

Title: Why Him? (movie)

     It was a funny movie basically about a guy who wanted permission to marry a young lady from her dad but since the dad was very rich he didn't care what the young man bought to impress such as a bowling lane installed in his house with his "father-in-law's" photos above it.  Also the young man has no filter as to what he says and does.

Reviewed by LCP

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

All Better Now

Title: All Better Now
Author: Emily Wing Smith

     This is a true story-memoir about the author's childhood into college. Emily was different from other kids.She was extremely left-handed, had a "bad" right side. When she was twelve years old she was hit by a car. It was discovered that Emily had a brain tumor; then she had excess fluid dripping out of her nose. She spent most of the sixth grade in the hospital.
     She was always a writer - always encouraged especially by her father to use her talents. She is currently married. She attended Brigham Young University and lives in Salt Lake City. She substitutes at her old high school.

Reviewed by Anonymous

Serenity Harbor

Title: Serenity Harbor
Author: RaeAnne Thayne

     This book is about a woman who returns home for her sister's wedding and what happens while she's there.

Reviewed by Donna S.

The Identicals

Title: The Identicals
Author: Elin Hilderbrand

     This book is about twin sisters separated when their parents divorced. One went to live with the Dad and the other with the Mom. They are estranged for 14 years until a family event reunites them. We will see if they are able to become close again.

Reviewed by Donna S.

Rise: How a House Built a Family

Title: Rise: How a House Built a Family
Author: Cara Brookins

     Very good book about a lady with 4 kids (not good marriages), decided to take charge of her life after divorce and build a house based on a lot of YouTube videos. I liked it.

Reviewed by Anonymous


Title: Brazen
Author: Loren D. Estleman

     It was a little too drawn out with details  that dragged on. Wasn't a favorite for me.

Reviewed by Rosemarie Parthe

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Following Your Heart

Title: Following Your Heart
Author: Jerry Eicher

     It's about an Amish woman who tries the "English" world and comes with her friend. Her friend has a 3 month old baby and with her not being married isn't exactly welcomed by the Amish. Her friend loves the peace and faith of the Amish but to belong to the community must marry a man that the deacon tells her to.
     Does she marry him? Does her friend stay Amish?
     Great book.

Always Close to Home

Title: Always Close to Home
Author: Jerry Eicher

     It's an Amish book about twin sisters. Laura is engaged to John but he falls and is blind and paralyzed. She prays for his healing as with Amish law, if a husband can't work they can't be wed. Does she get her miracle and her wedding? Her sister Lydia is in love with Milton. He wants to marry her but in the English world (not Amish) Does he get baptized in the Amish faith and marry her or does she get shunned and marry in the English world?

Reviewed by Susan Roth

The Stars Are Fire

Title: The Stars Are Fire
Author: Anita Shreve

     I especially enjoyed this book since I have vacationed in Maine many times and was aware of the great fire of 1947 through the many ranger programs I took in Acadia National Park. It is the story of Grace, a young mother of two toddlers who not only saves their lives when the fire strikes but goes on to rebuild their lives during which time her husband is missing. It is a story of love, courage, and discovering our strengths during times of tragedy.

Reviewed by Anonymous

Frida Kahlo at Home

Title: Frida Kahlo at Home
Author: Suzanne Barbezat

     This book celebrates the life and career of Kahlo, a fascinating artist and personality of her time. The book is a visual feast of both her paintings and of the interiors of her home.

Reviewed by E. Feynman

Monday, July 17, 2017

Don't Look Back

Title: Don't Look Back
Author: Jennifer Armentrout

     I was drawn into this book from the first few pages. It was a nice mix of action, mystery, and romance. A very well-written book with a shocking conclusion that leaves you awestruck.

Reviewed by Rachel E.

Circus Girl

Title: Circus Girl
Author: Clare Pernice

     A girl in a circus. Her toys are watching a circus. The curtain goes up. The girl is the star. She jumps through a hoop. She is daring and dazzling and dramatic. Stupendous. Outrageous.

Reviewed by Angela E.

Circus Parade

Title: Circus Parade
Author: Harriet Ziefert

     A parade. A circus parade. A dog, a cat. A dog from Kalamazoo. Flags are waving, horns are blowing. Hear the cheers. Horns and drums and marching feet. Catch the beat.

Reviewed by Angela E.

Friday, July 14, 2017

The Rock of Tanios

Title: The Rock of Tanios
Author: Amin Maalouf

     A heartfelt rendering from the loser's perspective, which is a refreshing thing to consider.
     Maalouf tells a story which takes place in the twilight of the great era of Pashas and Arabian Moguls, in a time when the Europeans began their conquest and eventual takeover of a magical land and their people. We know this time as the Victorian Era.
     There is also a mystery involved as well as international politics and intrigue. Maalouf blends all this with a very personal tale of parental love, sorrow, and perhaps even triumph.
     Excellent reading.

Reviewed by Nathalie Vasquez

Ripped at the Seams

Title: Ripped at the Seams
Author: Nancy Krulik

     This is a riveting book. the story is about a small town girl who moves to the city to become a dress designer. It shows all the ups and downs she goes through to achieve her dreams.

Reviewed by Anonymous

Treasuring Emma

Title: Treasuring Emma
Author: Kathleen Fuller

     Emma was hurt by a man that she had a close relationship with. She meets another man and starts to fall in love. But in the end true love wins.
     I love the Amish books as they remind that faith and believing in God always makes a way.

Reviewed by Susan Roth

The Amish Harvest

Title: The Amish Harvest

     Four books in one by Amish authors.

Under Harvest Moon is about a widow that finds love again.

Love & Buggy Rides is about a buggy accident that brings friendship and turns it into love.

A Quiet Love is about a shy, timid Amish girl falling in love with a farmer.

Mischief in the Autumn Air - there is an auction in Amish country with pieces of furniture with maps on them. It's a treasure hunt but with an unusual treasure.

Reviewed by Susan Roth

A Miracle of Hope

Title: A Miracle of Hope
Author: Ruth Reid

     Main character is pregnant out of wedlock and and dealing with Amish custom. Her parents arrange a marriage with a widower and his 8 year old deaf daughter. The daughter has a special healing gift which she uses during the book. Her father gets sick etc. God chose to let their love grow through their struggles.
     Love a good ending!

Reviewed by Susan Roth

Where Love Grows

Title: Where Love Grows
Author: Jerry Eicher

     During Susan's time out of Amish country she got her GED, driver's license, and dated an "Englisha" man. When she comes home to Amish country she doesn't know if she'll stay. She decided to give her old boyfriend a chance and he cheats on her. She finds out before her father married her mother he fathered a child with an "Englisha" which he thought died (against Amish law). She learns about forgiveness and love through all her trials. There is also a hired hand who is Amish that works on the farm. She eventually marries but to which one?

Reviewed by Susan Roth

Tumble! A Little Book about Having It All

Title: Tumble! A Little Book about Having It All
Author: Maria Van Lieshout

     "Look what I found. Tracks." Tumble smiled. "let's go get that red thing. It's long and warm. That is a big warm long scarf."

Reviewed by Angela E.


Splash: A Little Book about Bouncing Back

Title: Splash: A Little Book about Bouncing Back
Author: Maria Van Lieshout

     Splash is a blue seal in a bad mood. His friend comes to play in the water with him. He says "I'm in a bad mood". "The sun is not out yet." "Look pal, the sun is out. Let's play all day."

Reviewed by Angela E.

The Caine Mutiny

Title: The Caine Mutiny
Author: Herman Wouk

     This book is about war in the South Pacific. It is exciting, funny, and about greed and gaining power. I enjoyed this book.

Reviewed by Diane Gaimaro

One for the Money

Title: One for the Money
Author: Janet Evanovich

     Janet Evanovich writes light and wonderful mysteries with my favorite character, Stephanie Plum, a bounty hunter. Everything that can go wrong in her investigations, goes wrong. Usually she is helped by a hunky man named Ranger, who is very mysterious. The stories are wonderful and I enjoy them immensely.

Reviewed by Diane Gaimaro

Option B

Title: Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy
Author: Sheryl Sandberg

     A powerful, practical book about building resilience and personal strength after life-altering changes such as death of a spouse. Part memoir . . . part self-help book . . . Sandberg and her co-author, a psychologist offer help and solace for people who have faced adversity.

Reviewed by E. Feynman

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Impossible Engineering

Title: Impossible Engineering (TV Program)

     Awesome, very informative. This episode was about "Hilo 6" the station based in Antarctica and what it took to build it. The second part was about the ISS "International Space Station" and what it took to build onto that.

Reviewed by Maureen Walker

Two by Two

Title: Two by Two
Author: Nicholas Sparks

     Excellent book. A book about success, loss and eventually the understanding of unconditional love.

Reviewed by Diane Gaimaro


Title: Dust
Author: Patricia  Cornwell

     If you like murder mysteries and Patricia Cornwell's books, with Kay Scarpetta and Detective Marino, you will enjoy this book. A terrific "Who Done It".

Reviewed by Diane Gaimaro

My Best Pal Is a Puppy

Title: My Best Pal Is a Puppy
Author: David Slonim

     My best pal is my puppy named Rachel. She follows me around wherever I go. She eats my leftover food for me. I love my pal like family.

Reviewed by Angela E.

Hopper & Wilson

Title: Hopper & Wilson
Author: Maria Van Lieshout

     Hopper & Wilson are best friends ever. One is an elephant and one is a mouse. They do everything together because that's what friends are for.

Reviewed by Angela E.

I'm Not

Title: I'm Not
Author: Robert Weinstock

     I'm not like my friend. I think she's from Mars. She's so silly like an alien. She hangs upside down from trees. She is a bit mysterious. My friend's name is Amy the Alligator.

Reviewed by Angela E.

Girl Unbroken

Title: Girl Unbroken
Author: Regina Calcaterra and Rosie Maloney

     This is a true story about a family of 5 siblings from 5 different fathers and their abusive childhoods from foster care to their mother. Their mother was drug addicted and a drunk. This book told of all of Rosie's experiences and how she survived -- she survived molestation, beatings, starvation.
     She triumphantly studied at and graduated from Idaho State University. She is married, has 3 children, and serves as an account executive at First Digital Telecom.

Reviewed by Anonymous.

The Duchess

Title: The Duchess
Author: Danielle Steel

     This book is about a woman born to royalty, and the surprising twists and turns her life takes when something happens to rock her whole world.

Reviewed by Donna S.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Fast & Loose

Title: Fast & Loose: a Stone Barrington Novel
Author: Stuart Woods

     A typical Stone Barrington book with the ending leaving you hanging to his next book.

Reviewed by Rosemarie Parthe

Reba McEntire, the Queen of Country

Title: Reba McEntire, the Queen of Country
Author: Carol Leggett

     This is about Reba McEntire. She is about 62 years old. She is a country singer. She sang with other country singers. They were awesome singers but Reba has a much better voice than they do.
     Reba is a great actress. She has a show called "Reba". She is a mom and a granny on the show and she's good at it.
     She has a son in real life. My whole life I wish I was her or Dolly's child. My Mom is a sick woman. I still love my Mom.

Reviewed by Angela E.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Boo! A Madea Halloween

Title: Boo! A Madea Halloween (movie)

This is such a funny movie. It has so many great lines and the characters have such great chemistry. Underneath the comedy of Tyler Perry's movies is always a deeper message about family values. It's a great movie to watch any time you need a good mood boost.

Reviewed by Rachel Ether

Madea's Big Happy Family

Title: Madea's Big Happy Family (movie)

This movie is quite the opposite of its title. By that I mean a mother is trying to bring together her family, which has fallen apart, to tell them about her failing health. It is a sad movie.

Reviewed by LCP

I Can't Make This Up: Life Lessons

Title: I Can't Make This Up: Life Lessons
Author: Kevin Hart

It was a good book about Kevin Hart's journey to becoming a comedian.

Reviewed by LCP

Why Did I Get Married Too

Title: Why Did I Get Married Too (movie)

The movie shows the possible ups and downs of married couples and showing just because they look happy on the outside doesn't mean that it really is. A totally opposite ending to this movie then what you would think.

Reviewed by LCP

Hidden Figures

Title: Hidden Figures (movie)

An excellent movie about the first African American women who worked for NASA. We take a walk with the women through the many stages of their lives.

Reviewed by LCP

Beach House for Rent

Title: Beach House for Rent
Author: Mary Alice Monroe

This book is about a well-loved beach house passed down through generations. We follow the life of the owner, as well as the tenant for this summer.

Reviewed by Donna S.

Unofficial Guide to Washington D.C.

Title: Unofficial Guide to Washington D.C.

Great book. Had a lot of info off the regular Washington stuff that I got to use.

Reviewed by Rosemarie Parthe

Eyewitness Travel Washington D.C,

Title: Eyewitness Travel Washington D.C.

Excellent. Gave so much information and maps. Was very helpful with my trip. I might even buy one next year.

Reviewed by Rosemarie Parthe

The Husband's Wife

Title: The Husband's Wife
Author: Liane Moriarty

A wife finds out a secret from her husband's past that she wasn't meant to find out about until after his death. It consequently affects the lives of several families in the community. The book had a little bit of everything -- family dynamics, friendships, and ultimately suspense.

Reviewed by Anonymous

The Courage to Grieve

Title: The Courage to Grieve
Author: Judy Tatelbaum

Unusual self-help book about surviving grief -- provides a fresh look about grief and how to comfort and help a person going through this process.

Reviewed by Eileen Feynman

Eleanor and Hick: the Love Affair that Shaped a First Lady

Title: Eleanor and Hick: the Love Affair that Shaped a First Lady
Author: Susan Quinn

A retelling of the romantic relationship between Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickok, an author and reporter. Their complex history together affected not only ER's private life, but also her role as a reformer and first lady. This well-documented book bases its information on primary sources such as personal letters and presents an interesting view of this period of American history.

Reviewed by Eileen Feynman

Friday, July 7, 2017

Beard Science

Title: Beard Science
Author: Penny Reid

I've read the other books in this series and I loved them all. This one took me a bit to warm up to it. To get used to him as the main character and the love interest. But once I got warmed up to it, I really enjoyed it. I laughed and cried. And I definitely hope that there are other books in this series.

Reviewed by Jenny

Earthly Remains

Title: Earthly Remains
Author: Donna Leon

Another in the series of Commissario Guido Brunetti Mysteries. Circumstances require Guido to take an unscheduled leave of absence from the police department. While away, he inadvertently stumbles upon a mystery he feels compelled to solve.

Reviewed by Anonymous

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Title: Ominous
Author: Kate Brian

     New York Times best selling author - this novel geared more towards teenage crowd - about teenagers in a high-end boarding school called Easton. A great deal of odd, mysterious events took place. Girls were missing; girls started to believe in witches.
     Turns out relatives of the girls from many years ago were doing the kidnapping and claimed these girls were not worthy to attend Easton. Just like most mysteries, the "Bad Guys" were captured and put in jail.

Reviewed by Leslie F.


Title of Movie: Avatar

I enjoyed watching Avatar. I thought that it was such a creative idea. This movie made me connect to characters as I learned more about their personalities. I would definitely recommend this movie to a friend, because it was very abstract but exciting at the same time. The world of Pandora that the book takes place in is such a beautiful land. Disney World's Animal Kingdom Park recently opened up a land based on this book. I can't wait to visit it and see the movie brought to life.

Reviewed by Cassie Faber

The Talents

Title: The Talents
Author: Inara Scott

I think Talents was a fantastic book. In this book there are people with powers. A poor girl who is a freshman gets invited to a rich school with a full scholarship. She thinks it's odd they gave her this opportunity with her just okay grades. She makes friends at this school and feels something is different and untold at the school.

Reviewed by Lianna Faber

Jacob and Lily

Title: Jacob and Lily
Author: Shannon Layne

This book is about 2 comic crazy people who share their love of comics online. They eventually meet each other in person. They learn that they already knew each other a little from school. They become good friends. They realize they have a lot in common and like to keep their love of comic characters a secret.

Reviewed by Lianna Faber

16th Seduction

Title: 16th Seduction
Author: James Patterson

I love reading James Patterson. 16th Seduction was just as riveting as his other books. When you think you have things figured out, he puts a twist on everything.

Reviewed by Angela C.

Sam the Minuteman

Title: Sam the Minuteman
Author: Nathaniel Benchley

     200 years ago a boy named Sam was about 12 years old. He and his dad and farmers fought against the British. Sam's pal got shot in his leg; in all 8 minutemen were shot. By the end of the war, the American Revolution, which lasted 8 years, America was now a country. Amen.

Reviewed by Angela E.

Monday, July 3, 2017

The Cherokee

Title: The Cherokee

I am a Blackfoot Cherokee. Today the Cherokees are from Oklahoma, North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama. My family is part Cherokee. My Mom's Dad is a Cherokee chief. That makes me a Cherokee Indian.

Reviewed by Angela E.

Rise of the Isle of the Lost

Title: Rise of the Isle of the Lost
Author: Melissa de la Cruz   

     This is the third book in the Descendants series. The villain children from the Isle of the Lost have been living in Auradon among the heroes for a while now. They have even become heroes themselves multiple times. When they find out that King Triton's trident was lost somewhere on the Isle of the Lost, the villain kids decide its time to go back to the isle to find it. The trident is very dangerous because it holds power that villains could use to get back at the good people. When some of the villains on the isle find out about this powerful item, they all begin to search for it in hopes that they could take over Auradon in the future. The race to find the trident becomes very dangerous and is super eventful. Will the good kids or the villains get to the trident first? Read the book to find out! I enjoyed this book a lot, because it took me into a magical fairytale land. It makes you use your imagination and everything in it is so detailed. I am really looking forward to watching the movie this summer that continues this story!

Reviewed by Cassie Faber

Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Everygirl's Guide to Cooking

Title: The Everygirl's Guide to Cooking
Author: Maria Menounos

     I read "The Everygirl's Guide to Cooking" which provided a lot of delicious, easy to prepare meals that are helpful for starting a healthy lifestyle.

Reviewed by Rachel E.

Banana Cream Pie Murder

Title: Banana Cream Pie Murder
Author: Joanna Fluke

     Hannah Swenson solves yet another murder with her usual band of cohorts. The book ends with another mystery that is upsetting to Hannah, yet she is unable to solve it. My guess is that will be the main topic of Fluke's next novel.

Reviewed by Kathy P.