Saturday, August 19, 2017

Kennedys after Camelot

Title: Kennedys after Camelot

     It was alright, not my kind of movie.

Reviewed by LCP


Title: Feed (movie)

     A movie about the concerns of a distraught young lady after the passing of her brother and how she acts without him.

Reviewed by LCP

Buster Malheart

Title: Buster Malheart (movie)

      A very confusing movie that goes back and forth between present and past.

Reviewed by LCP

The Color Purple

Title: The Color Purple
Author: Alice Walker

     The book is better than the movie.

Reviewed by LCP

Ghost of New Orleans

Title: Ghost of New Orleans (movie)

     I was bored. I just let the movie play while I did housework.

Reviewed by LCP

One Mile to You

Title: One Mile to You (movie)

     It was a sad movie involving the loss of a busload of teenagers traveling from a track meet. The only survivor of the track meet (didn't take the bus) has a hard time dealing with the loss.

Reviewed by LCP

Fist Fight

Title: Fist Fight (movie)

     It was kind of a not boring movie of two teachers who were going to fight after school.

Reviewed by LCP