Friday, August 11, 2017

The Earl I Adore

Title: The Earl I Adore
Author: Erin Knightly

     It's a historical romance. this book is part of the "Prelude to a Kiss" series. Sophie Wembley's sister has eloped and now has ruined the chance for her or her sister to make a good marriage prospect. Because of her sister's elopement her family is now disgraced, especially since they are on the lower rung of the aristocracy ladder. Evan winds up being friends with Sophie under the guise of providing a friend for his sister. The more time together they spend the more he winds up realizing he's falling in love with Sophie. Sophie is excited because she secretly has been in love with Evan for the past two years of seasons. She has to hurry though to get him to marry her before the news of her sister's scandal breaks.

Reviewed by Dawn Roth-Vazquez

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